Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cellphone Radiation re-revisited

The debate will go on well into the future, but finally some information that can aid consumers in making a choice regarding the level of radiation they are willing to "consume" when using their mobile phone.

The Environmental Working Group ha just released a report that outlines the radiation emission levels of more than 1,000 phones. While the survey is not completely comprehensive (maybe the Mobile Consumer Lab needs to conduct these studies for Japanese handsets? -- any comments or suggestions?), but the results and report are very interesting.

The full story in Wired can be found here .

How long before handset manufacturers begin promoting the low radiation emission levels of their devices? Samsung Impression -- Only 0.35 W/kg of radiation. Compared to the iPhone you can talk more than 3 times longer and still have a lower radiation exposure level.

Maybe texting and the MobileNet are the answer... only time will tell.

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