Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mobile Health Applications for Developing Economies

Today, it was announced that Dimagi was focusing its efforts on providing health-related information services available to health workers in Tanzania.

The full report is on the Industry Standard site here .

While this is a fantastic next step, our friends over at Mobile Healthcare have already taken this idea one step farther and placing patient care in the hands of actual patients as well.

Putting these two ideas together could possible lead to unprecedented advances in health care solutions for both developed and developing economies. Providing health care workers with remote applications and tools, and patients with self-diagnostic capabilities could take the mobile platform to an entirely new level of usefulness.

I remember reading that a Japanese company had applied for patents related to patient self-diagnostic tools (for monitoring temperature, heartbeats, etc..). If anyone can find this company for me, it might help solidify this idea..

It's clear though that 2009 will be a very exciting year for mobile/wireless solutions!