Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Two NEW Thesis Reports Uploaded

Today, we have just uploaded two new final MBA thesis reports to the MoCoBe website. The first is written by Kenny Yand and Rich White, who studied the Japanese Mobile Gaming market for nearly two years while at IUJ. Their thesis looks into the key drivers of gaming in general including console gaming, portable gaming and mobile gaming. Based on this analysis they then create a roadmap for the future evolution of mGaming in Japan (and globally) based on these factors.

The second thesis was written by Kazunori Otsu, who looked at the diffusion of mobile full browsers in the Japanese mobile market. Specifically, he applied Diffusion of Innovation Theory to understand why mobile full browsers have not reached wide levels of usage and adoption. He conducted both in-person and online surveys in order to gather data for his analysis.

We will be adding more thesis papers when they are finalized. Stay tuned for our reports on mBanking, mPayments and more!

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